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Burns and Scars

Skin tumors and melanoma

There are two types of skin cancer, melanocytic (melanoma) and non-melanoma (basal and squamous cell). The behavior of each is very different melanocytic are aggressive while non-melanocytic are less so.

The most common way to diagnose this type of injury symptoms are changes in their appearance on the type of pruritus (itching), bleeding, discoloration, rapid growth, scaling on its surface Faced with a situation of this type this injury should be assessed by a doctor.


Sequels of burns and scars

One of the worst scars or possible consequences result from burns. Exuberant scars generated burns very retractable capacity, ie, besides being very large and fibrous scar tissue, is generating fibrous mass retracts mobility limitations of some joints, deformities, retractions

Therefore, the sequelae of burns can be both functional and aesthetic. Depending on which of the above is the cause of this injury requiring treatment in one way or another will be handled.

There are many options to improve these limitations such as the removal of the scar, conducting zetaplastias to fix power lines, dermabrasion application to regularize injuries


Other scars

If we want to improve to the point of virtually eliminating the scar, what we do is remove this scar in its entirety and assess the subsequent closure once deleted it. To this must not only consider the scar but the location thereof to eliminate this along natural lines of our skin so that later the scar less noticeable. Sometimes, besides eliminating the scar requires changes in orientation to prevent post-closure tension exist enlargements. This upgrade is called Zplasty, Wplasty

If you want to reduce the scar basically have two options, infiltration of corticosteroids that generate a small skin atrophyscar, and performing dermabrasion to regularize its surface.