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Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is one of the fundamental aspects of contemporary plastic surgery. Today, it do not mean a treatment for breast cancer without a subsequent reconstruction.

The breast is one of the most distinctive physical aspects of women; has great significance in everything related to motherhood, femininity and sexuality. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women in developed countries (1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer over their lifetime). Today, the treatment of breast cancer should be approached in a multidisciplinary way, ie, including gynecologists and / or general surgeons, oncologists and plastic surgeons.

The purpose of this breast reconstruction surgery is to recreate a natural looking breast, including the nipple and areola. The objective of this intervention is to fill the remaining space in the chest, thus restoring body image and turn eliminating the need for prosthetic filler.

Besides aesthetic improvement, it is possible to optimize the psychological status of the patient and their quality of life augmenting confidence which will be reflected emotionally, socially and sexually in their life together.

Key points of intervention

Anesthesia: General
Duration of Procedure: Depends on the procedure.
Expander or prosthesis: 1-2 hours
Dorsi: 2-3 hours
Microsurgery: 5 to 8 hours.
Entry: 24-48 hours.
Discomfort: Moderate, but controllable with medication.
You must wait: Cardinals in areas intervened for 3 weeks; swelling until 6 weeks.
Final result: At 3rd month
Duration of the result: Permanent.