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Fat grafting

Fat grafting. Lipofilling

The loss of facial volume thus thinning of the tissues such as bone volume loss is one of the signs of fat envejecimiento.La we have under our skin is gradually lost especially in the face and hands. So the eyes are sunken and small show, it’s the cheekbones and jaw mark This volume loss can be corrected by infiltration or implantation of fat in the deficit areas, which is known as lipofilling or facial lipostructure. Among the advantages of this method are that it is maintained over time and fully biocompatible since it is the fat in our body.


Key points of intervention

Anesthesia: Local + Sedation
Duration of procedure: 1 hour
Entry: Alta afternoon (Ambulatory Surgery)
Discomfort: Mild
Must wait: Inflammation until 3rd month
Final result: Immediate, although the resolution of inflammation may last for weeks
Duration of results: Permanent