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Mastopexy or breast lifting

Dropping or breast ptosis is due to gravity in circumstances such as aging, pregnancy or significant weight loss. Because of this fall, which affects both the nipple and areola and the glandular tissue, the skin stretches and most of the gland sits at the bottom of the breast. Moreover, as the skin loses its elasticity breast deforming and falling leaves. Therefore, for improvement will require plastic surgery breast quality.

Key points of intervention

Anesthesia: General

Procedure duration: 2-3 hours

Admission: 24 hours

Discomfort: Easily controlled by medication.

You must wait: Cardinals until 3rd week; swelling to 6th, temporary numbness.

Final result: At 6th month, although the scars improve until 12-18 months.

Duration of the result: Years, but is variable depending on the quality of your skin.

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