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Twins increase

Twins increase

Augmentation Calf Augmentation Twins or aims silhouette enhanced our legs by a volume increase in the area of our twins. This type of surgery is especially indicated in those with lack of development of these muscles either by a neurological disease (polio) or by lack of development of twins despite the exercise.

The formation of twins depends on the type of tread, sport is performed, genetic factors twins being able to present a more elongated shape or twins with rounded upper third. Genetic factors also determine whether they are primarily composed of tendon (lower portion) or muscle (upper portion). Therefore, for a Twins Increased we opt for implants or prostheses in the calves.


Key points of intervention

Anesthesia: Epidural

Procedure duration: 1 hour

Entry: Alta afternoon (Ambulatory Surgery).

Discomfort: Discrete discomfort that are controlled by medication

Must wait: Inflammation until two weeks; Possible Cardinals two weeks on side; temporary numbness.

Final result: At 2nd month

Duration of the result: Years. The implants are permanent.