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Dr. Giovanni Bistoni Cirujano plástico Valencia

My surgery concept


One of the main reasons prompting many people to turn to cosmetic surgery is the desire to rejuvenate both physically and mentally.

The aging process affects not only the body but also the mind, in fact, if we are older, we are also older.

Cosmetic surgery has the power to transport a few years back. It can convert our appearance on an image in equilibrium with age we feel, helping us feel more relaxed and confident, both for ourselves and for others.

Physical appearance is the first thing that is seen of us when we meet someone, it is our calling card. Our body, our physical appearance and our conversation is what we show in a first contact, regardless of what our ideas or thoughts. A person we love, if love so much to himself as to others.

In the workplace, a pleasant and harmonious physique can help us be more competitive against the other, so that gives us greater self-esteem and confidence in ourselves, and to be better accepted by others. While it is true that appearance does not put us in a position superior to others, whether to grant us more competitive qualities.

The decision to resort to cosmetic surgery, must be motivated by the desire to restore harmony with our own body or by the aspiration to get an image according to what we feel inside, either to achieve aesthetics that we’d have, or to restore the physical appearance that we would recover.



«Beauty is an agreement between content and form.«

Beauty is a letter of recommendation that beat us in advance hearts.
Arthur Schopenhauer 
Beauty is a great recommendation in the human trade, and no one is so barbarous or so rude not feel hurt by her sweetness.
Michel de Montaigne