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Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis mainly affects the palms, underarms, face and soles of the feet. This is a syndrome that affects an intense alteration of mental status that hinders their social relationships and their professional work, since sweating occurs in an interrupted and independently of temperature and emotional state.

Its cause is not known but is related to an overactive sympathetic fibers and increased peripheral sudomotor response.

Excessive underarm sweating

The advantage of this technique over other is that no anesthesia is required and can be made normal life from the beginning. It is performed by injecting the toxin botulínica- fifteen stitches in each armpit, with a very fine needle.

Treatment with infiltrations

In the localized hyperhidrosis has been very effective with infiltrations. This treatment must be repeated about 2-3 times a year. Treatment effects begin to be felt between two and four days after injection, and pathology disappears completely within a week, although this effect will last about 4 months. However, the solution is to re-inject another dose to notice how hyperhidrosis refers again.

Excessive sweating in hands

Infiltrations are applied on the palms of the hands is more laborious and requires local anesthesia, so driving or other manual activity after application is not recommended. It has to be injected into 40 points under the skin of each palm and the radius of action of botulinum toxin is small.